3 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. My favorite cupcakes have been the “I made it for you,mommy” by my 3 children assisted by grandma,& “for you,nonnie”by 3 grandchildren assisted by their mom. sometimes tilted, a little overdone(burnt),& the icing thin or way heavy in spots. And don’t forget the sprinkles.1 of them Always wanted silver,another Had to Have Rainbow. they may never have won any contests,but they never failed to win my heart. <3

  2. The best cupcake I ever had was for my birthday last month. It had Chocolate Cake with two bumpy stripes of butter cream frosting down the top and was covered in Chocolate frosting (the kind that you pour and let harden). It was called a Grumpy Cake Cupcake. Come to think of it the best cupcake I’ve had is always the last cupcake I’ve had

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