I’ve finally done it.

So, here is my first post.  I always read about everyone reminiscing about their first post.  How they didn’t know what to write about, how lame it was, or how they didn’t know how to even get started.  I always just thought that didn’t fit, considering how well they were writing now.  Well, now I get it.  So I’ll start it with the best thing I know to talk about: baking.

I started my holiday baking today.  Finally.  This was my first round – cupcakes.  I was experimenting with baking them with Hershey’s kisses inside them.  I used Candy Cane, Mint Truffle and Caramel.  Found out that they sink.  All the way to the bottom.  And they leave holes in the bottom of the cupcake when you take them out of the wrapper because the kiss sticks to the bottom.  I think next time I’ll bake them with the kiss upside down, see if that helps.  But, at least they tasted good.

For the icing, I used peppermint buttercream for the candy cane swirled look.  I also played around with marshmallow buttercream.  I’ve never made it before, but it’s pretty magical, so I foresee myself making it again in the near future.  Like next week, when I make these cupcakes for real for my girls’ school Christmas parties.

And because my husband doesn’t like peppermint (yes, I married him anyways), I made some with caramel kisses and chocolate drizzle.

But for me, the peppermint swirls are my favorite.  My daughter also wants a candy cane stuck in the middle of them.  Who am I to argue?

So there is my first post.  Thanks for reading it, mom.

One thought on “I’ve finally done it.

  1. ohhh!!!!!!! I LOVE those cute decorating and styllin’ cupcakes!! ur awesome! i love those cupcakes they taste awesome just like ur personality! <3 pce.

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