A friend I don’t even know

So, this has nothing to do with sugar.  Or food.  Or anything even edible.  And it’s about someone I don’t even know.  And no one is really even reading this, but I just feel the need to share it, on the off chance that the one person that needs to read this, does.

Two weeks ago, I found out about a woman named Joanne Heim.  She is 38-years-old.  She is married with small children.  I don’t even know where she lives.  But I do know that on January 11, 2011, she had a massive stroke and was found on the basement floor by her young daughter.  She is currently still in the hospital, and will be for a long time.

Her blog is The Simple Wife.  It is being updated by her husband, Toben, of her progress and daily battles.  Joanne’s sister, (who’s name I also don’t know) writes about it through her eyes and photos at KH Photography.  (She is an amazing photography, btw).

I don’t even know this family, but God has really placed them on my heart.  So if you have a moment, please click on the links above and read this family’s amazing and inspiring story.  It will touch your heart.  And if you pray, please add them to your daily prayers. You will be among many that are #PrayingForJoanne.

You can also follow Toben on Twitter for updates – @tobenheim .

3 thoughts on “A friend I don’t even know

  1. This post was a very sweet thing for you to do for the family. I found out about this horrible ordeal that they are having to go through from a tweet last week by Amanda @manda2177. Their story struck through my heart as well and while I can’t begin to imagine what they all must be going through, they are certainly remembered in my prayers. Medicine can do so much these days to aid in the full recovery of stroke victims and hopefully with that and God’s Grace, Joanne will be completely back with her young family in the months ahead.

    • Thanks! I have had some health issues that have kept me from writing much, but I’m hoping to really be able to start baking and blogging more. Thanks for reading!

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