Hooray! It’s a Girl!

NO! It’s not me!

Bite your tongue, man.

Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE my children.  More than I love chocolate or bacon.  (Well, most days anyways).  But the thought of having ANOTHER one…..whew.

But I have wanted to make sugary goodness in pink for quite some time, and it’s just never happened.  Always boys.  And while boys are fun, they are very non-pink, non-flowery and non-sparkly.  And well, I wanted to create those things.  But it has always eluded me.  Until last week.  Hooray for first-time moms and big baby showers!

**DISCLAIMER: Once again, I was decorating right up until the last minute, so I didn’t have time to take pretty pictures.  Well, not that my photographic skills are good, but….you know what I mean.  Thanks for understanding.

They wanted cupcakes for 65 people.  No problem.  And they wanted pink.  VERY pink.  Delicate. And VERY girlie.  Oh, how I’ve longed to hear those words.

(Forgive the background.  One of these days I will get to do a party where *I* am in charge of the decorations.  Presentation, people!)

Since there were quite a few cupcakes, I decided to mix them up a little so they weren’t all the same.  I used the cupcake tower for the flowers. (I use this tower and love it)  And of course, I had to have the pink feet.  Love those.  Great tower topper.  The sparkles didn’t show up very well in the pictures, but if you look closely, you can see the fine sanding sugar.  Just added a nice subtle sparkle.  (Too subtle for pictures, apparently).

Since it is so close to Valentine’s Day, I found these pink heart suckers.  I just piped “It’s a Girl” on them for a different look.  I also did four toppers that spell out GIRL.  I didn’t get a great picture of those, but you can see them peeking in this one.

I also made the cupcakes like rattles.  I used a #1 icing tip to poke the hole in the liner for the stick.  The cone shape of the tip worked really well to help make a large enough hole without messing up the liner.  The worst part was tying (who decided how to spell that word?) those little bows.  I am a baker.  I can ice bows all day long.  But tie a tiny one from ribbon?  Faggetaboutit.

I also made some that had minimal icing and a single flower in the middle, for those who weren’t big icing fans.  But, I forgot to take a picture of those.  I’m drawn to swirls and sparkles.  What can I say.

I had great fun making these.  Granted, they wanted white cake with vanilla buttercream, but I guess you can’t have it all.  Now I can mark these off my Baking Bucket List.

Now I can move on to Dr. Seuss.  Oh yes.  I’m going there.

Happy Sparkling Pink Flowery Baking!

10 thoughts on “Hooray! It’s a Girl!

  1. There is something a lot more fun about girly pink everything, isn’t there? LOL I wish I had been into making my baked good pretty back with my girls were little, I had 2 girls, 2 boys, so it was even. LOL Now I have 8 grandchildren and for now it’s even , 4 granddaughter, 4 grandsons. So NOW I can do all the girly pretty stuff. YAY! I have an order for Dr. Seuss cupcakes for June, it’s for a boy, but hey, it should be fun! I can’t wait to see your Dr. Seuss work!

    • My girls were one of the main reasons I started baking.

      I think my Dr. Seuss goodies are going to be cookies. Ever since I saw Callye’s (SweetSugarBelle) I’ve wanted to make some.

      Good luck with your cupcakes!

  2. Everything you did for this shower is so very pretty. I love the little flowers on the cupcakes and I adore you having made rattles…so very clever. The tiny pink feet are perfect and a very nice touch you added to those heart suckers. Looking forward to what you plan on making with the characters from Dr. Seuss books!

  3. Too cute! You crack me up…I love my son too, but just like you can’t imagine starting over right now. I have a girl’s baby shower coming up in two weeks. I am excited to get ‘”girly” cupcakes. Love the little pink feet!

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