“Thank you for being awesome!” Giveaway


The winner is Kelly!


Thank you so much to everyone!  I appreciate you so much!


I need to start by saying that you guys ROCK!

18 days ago, I changed my name.  I was once the baker formerly known as The Sugar Tree.  But thanks to you all and your wonderful support, I am now whole-heartedly “The Shaky Baker.”  In a little over 2 weeks, you guys have gotten my number back up to where it was when I was The Sugar Tree.  You guys are the best.

So to say “thank you” for your overwhelming support, I’m doing a giveaway.  And since I’ve had 2 weeks to shop for things, it is a cuteness overload, I tell ya.  If you don’t like cute, this ain’t the giveaway for you.

And I went with a cupcake theme.  Not to make them.  But to decorate with them.  Stare at them longingly.  I mean, who doesn’t like to look at cupcakes?

This giveaway will include all of the following:

  • 8-inch cupcake mini cake stand
  • 4-inch “Have a Cupcake” pink cupcake stand
  • Ceramic cupcake measuring spoons
  • “Live, Love, Laugh” mini ceramic vases
  • 9oz bottle Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla (just because it’s yummy)
  • Pink cotton ruffle half apron
  • Cupcake spoon
  • Cupcake with sprinkles spatula
  • Writing set with mini notebook, magnetic list pad and chunky pen
  • 1 1/2 inch and 1/2 inch cupcake ribbon
  • 2 packages of cupcake bags
  • Cupcake notebook
  • Cupcake ziploc baggies
  • Cupcake stamp kit (works great to use with food coloring instead of ink)

It has sprinkles on the back!

Just looking at all this cuteness brings me great joy.

So, who would like me to send them all of this sugary-inspired goodness?


1) Make sure you “like” my Facebook page (if you don’t already)

2) Share this giveaway on your Facebook page, twitter, blog, scream it from your roof…any of those will be great! (probably the first ones more than that last one, though)

3) There is a small restaurant in my area that has been very supportive of me and my baking.  I would like to help them out as they try to grow online.  Please go “like” their Facebook page – The Mt. Pleasant Grille

4) Once you have done those 3 things, come comment ON THIS POST telling me about the best cupcake you’ve ever eaten.  It can be one you’ve made.  Don’t be modest.

That’s it!

One entry per person. US residents only.  (I promise I’ll do an international one soon!)  I’ll keep it open until Monday, February 20th at 5pm CST.  I’ll randomly pick a winner and announce it Monday night.  Tuesday is my birthday, so it will be a great birthday present to be able to send all this fun stuff to someone!

Good luck, and THANK YOU again for all your support.

Hope you have a SWEET 3-day weekend!

334 thoughts on ““Thank you for being awesome!” Giveaway

  1. Thank you for this great giveaway! The best cupcake I’ve ever had was a vegan chocolate cupcake made by my sister. It was delicious!!!

    • What an awesome giveaway. The best cupcake I have ever had a was Pina Colada one made by my good friend Melisa. It was amazing and I felt like I was on an island beach for a split second while I ate it!! =)

    • What an awesome giveway!!!! The best cupcake I have ever had is my 5 O’clock Cupcake (It is my spin on a Strawberry Margarita Cupcake); it is also the most popular cupcake that is requested by my friends and family!

  2. I’m not entering the contest but I love your prizes. That mini cupcake stand is adorable and be still my heart on the spatula! I collect spatulas and have not seen the one shown in this post. Love it!

  3. I have liked, liked and LOVE your giveaway items!! My favorite cupcake ever is something so simple that my mom used to make us that began as an oops. She overfilled the cups with vanilla or french vanilla cake batter, so they ran over and had big crusty vanilla tops. We were so starved one time when we came home from school that we talked her into letting us eat them before she had even put icing on them. We loved the crunchy tops that had baked on the metal muffin tins and that’s how she always cooked vanilla cupcakes after that! Of course, we still loved chocolate cupcakes with either chocolate or cream cheese frosting too!

  4. I already LOVE your page, I liked The Mt. Pleasant Grille and I shared the giveaway on my wall. Everything is so cute…..I love, love, love cupcake stuff, but I’ve been collect Live, Laugh, Love stuff for about 20 years….it’s my motto, my family and friends all scout out things that say this, so I am so in LOVEEEEEEE with those vases! LOL My favorite cupcake is actually one I make myself. I call it my wedding cake cupcake….it’s a white cake with a almond hint to it. It tastes like what white weddings cakes used to taste like. LOL

  5. Best cupcake ever… wow. I’m going to have to say the Chocolate Blackberry Syrah cupcake from Enjoy Cupcakes in Los Olivos, CA. It’s Chocolate syrah cake, filled with dark chocolate fudge, topped with blackberry frosting and a syrah soaked blackberry that’s rolled in sugar… how can you go wrong? :) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  6. I love your giveaway. The best cupcake I ever had actually started out as a joke. My daughter was born on April 1st – April Fool’s Day took on a whole new meaning! When she started to school, they could bring treats on their birthdays. It took about 4 years for her’s to end up on a day when they were in school, working around weekends and Easter weekend. She wanted to do something to make it an April Fool. We bake wildly colored cupcakes and flavored them completely different than the color – like the orange cupcake was strawberry flavored, the blue cupcake was flavored chocolate, Then we stuck a Sour Baby gumball in the center and topped it with icing in opposite colors of the cupcake underneath – like a hot blue sitting on top of screaming orange. When the kids took a big bite, they got the icing, the cake and a big surprise of the sour gumball. The look on their faces was priceless. But the taste was absolutely amazing! We had baked 48 cupcakes for a class of 20 and there were none left. Even the teachers were coming down to have one! It became a favorite for my daughter’s birthday every year.

  7. I shared. I even yelled out the window and almost scared the guy whose working on my building off the scaffolding…. its worth it lol. The best cupcake ive ever eaten….. hmmmmm carrot cake, made by my grandmom

  8. Love all of your goodies! The best best best cupcake i’ve ever eaten was a chocolate cupcake with a peanut butter buttercream frosting with a mini reese cup in the center. It was heaven in a cupcake liner!

  9. i liked and shared !! my fav cupcake was a choc mocha caramel i made myself yummers..and i would love love love to win these awesome goodies !!!

  10. The best cupcake I have ever eaten was a peanut butter and chocolate my daughter and i made! love cupcakes!!! I have a board under pintrested just for cupcakes!!

  11. I’m a sucker for a coconut cream cupcake with cream a whipped cream topping. A student’s mom makes them for us and we ALL break our “healthy” eating pledge those days! Yummy!

  12. I LOVE carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, but am DEFINTELY excited in trying some of my newer and diverse recipes!

  13. The best cupcake I’ve ever had was a cupcake made with Jell-O filling! My aunt used green and red Jell-O to be Christmas themed. White frosting was topped off with green and red sprinkles. It was very cute AND delicious!

  14. I already LOVE your page, liked the restaurants page Mt Pleasant Grill and shared it on my FB page. Love all the goodies on your giveaway, so adorable, I collect cupcake things and would love to win it.
    The best cupcake I have ever eaten is a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting.

  15. The best cupcake I ever had was a white cake cupcake filled with chocolate cream and topped with chocolate Buttercream icing. I know it’s simple but I’m a simple kind of girl.

  16. Love your cupcake stuff! Favorite cupcake would be a Hershey’s chocolate cupcake dipped in chocolate ganache. Solo yummy! It’s probably the best I make!

  17. LOVE all the items in your give away!!! The best cupcakes I have ever had was made by Grandma Dell. She would make homemade chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting every time I would visit. Sadly she passed away when I was 6. It was from her that I had a love of baking from an early age. Even after her passing I was the one to receive 3 of her favorite cookbooks :O) Although my Mother still has them (I’m 40 now) I have made copies of my favorite recipes and am teaching my daughters how to bake! (I told my Mom to keep the books until she is ready to pass them to me…my Grandma had notes and phrases written her books and they are special to my Mom…so I understand)

  18. The best cupcake ever??? ooohhhh, thats a hard one!!! There’s a local cupcake bakery in Chattanooga… I think it’d have to be the wedding cake ones.. or the italian cream… or the triple chocolate.. ooohhh.. i just like cupcakes!!!

  19. Thats a hard question :) I recently made a peaches n cream cupcake. It had a traditional yellow cake batter with chopped peaches and peach juice. Brown sugar was sprinkled on top before baking, and then I topped it with a fluffy 7 min frosting and adorned with a peach slice and a very light sprinkle of cinnamon. It was pretty delicious :)

  20. my grandson was just big enough to stand in chair and we made chocolate cupcakes. he frosted them and tasted each one. After we made them and tasted we went home and he went in to sugar overload! lol! those were the best cupcakes and a wonderful memory. my daughter said no more cupcakes late in the day!

  21. The best cupcake I have eaten were Caramel Toffee Apple pushpops I made this past Thanksgiving. I made them for the kids, but the adults ate them all.

  22. The best cupcake I ever had was one I made recently from a random recipe I found online for Devils food cupcakes. It was like eating cake foam it was so moist! Now, I hate chocolate… but I ate 6 of the first batch. I made a second batch the next day and ate 7 of those. Now if that doesn’t tell you those were some GREAT TASTING cupcakes … I don’t know what will. =0)

  23. Man, a favorite cupcake?! I think I’m a sucker for the triple vanilla cake with vanilla bean buttercream I made a while back. I haven’t ever bought a cupcake, if you can believe that!!

  24. The best cupcake I ever had was at a bridal show in Chattanooga, TN. It was a white cupcake with a raspberry filling and butter-cream frosting. Simple but absolutely wonderful! Thank you for a chance at the giveaway and Happy Birthday! I hope you get a wonderful cupcake :)

  25. I love strawberries so my favorite cupcake so far is vanilla, strawberries and cream. It is just delicious. !!!

  26. Done!!!That giveaway is AWESOME!!!! It is really hard to say what the best cupcake I have ever tasted…But, the one that stands out is the breakfast cupcake from My Delight Cupcakery….Sweet and salty go together very well~~~~Never thought I would even consider tasting something like that…It was delish!!!!

  27. All three done! Hope you have a great birthday! My husband’s birthday is tomorrow and my daughter’s birthday is on Monday. The best cupcake I had was over the weekend. I was a s’more cupcake with a graham cracker bottom, chocolate middle and whipped marshmallow (that was bruleed) on top.

  28. OK “Shakey Baker” #1~Done #2~Done 3#~DONE AND #4 My favorite Cupcake is a Milk Choc. Cupcake-scoop out center-insert small peanut butter cup & top w/Nutella then Ice with Peanutbutter Buttercream!!!!!!! My idea of a fabulous cupcake

  29. My favorite cupcakes are ones I call Surprise Cupcakes. They are chocolate with cream cheese and chocolate chips in the middle! Yummy

  30. The best cupcake I ever ate was a Devil’s Food cupcake, filled with homemade marshmallow fluff, and frosted with an orange marmalade butter-cream. They were fantastic!

  31. Your blog is amazing! The best cupcake I’ve ever had was from a place called Gigi’s in Madison! They had a salted caramel cupcake.. and it was delicious. I dream about it everyday!

  32. Already “liked” you on FB. I shared your Giveaway on FB & “liked” The Mt. Pleasant Grille. These prizes are awesome! It is really hard to say what is my favorite cupcake, so I guess I would have to say a traditional Southern style Red Velvet Cupcake & frosting.

  33. I already liked your page, and did a new like for the grille and shared your fun giveaway. So….I think cupcakes are ADORABLE, but i never actually want to eat them. It’s all the frosting…it’s just too much. I’m a very strict, eat from the center of the cake girl, so as to receive the least amount of frosting. In fact, my favorite cake is pound cake, because it doesn’t have frosting. :) So…I’m going to say my fav cupcake is a flourless chocolate cupcake, hold the frosting please.

  34. Best cupcake ever is a s’mores cupcake that I make. Thick graham cracker crust,Chocolate cake,Chocolate ganache filling and a toasted marshmallow frosting. I love it because it not only tastes good but I get to use my blowtorch to toast the top! Love my job!

  35. Oh the cuteness of the giveaway! Adorable! The best cupcake I ever had is a dark chocolate frosted with chocolate ganache. In the true nature of a chocoholic – Are there other flavors?
    Congrats on reaching your goal!!

  36. I was already a fan of your page, but I have done and “liked” the grille page, and shared the giveaway link. I love the theme! The best cupcake I can remember having was from a little shop at our local mall for my birthday last year. It was so good I had to have 2 (different flavors). I had a lemon one with silky velvety lemon frosting that just made my mouth want to explode in happiness. I splurged (birthday cupcakes have no calories), and also had a lavender cupcake with lavender infused butter cream frosting. I had never had lavender cupcakes til then, and I discovered I loved it. Best birthday gift to myself, ever :)

  37. the cupcake giveaway is absolutely adorable, and i did everything that was asked. my favorite “cupcake” as a kid actually isn’t a cupcake at all, its an oatmeal muffin my grandmother used to make but she would call them cupcakes to get us kids to eat them! A real cupcake that is my favorite is a boston cream cupcake…delicious!

  38. Best cupcake I have had is from my mom’s work. She works here at our local hospital and they have an AWESOME cafe. They are filled with buttercream icing in the middle and super yummy!!! :)

  39. What a fun giveaway!!!! Thank you for hosting it :) I love cupcakes, which is why I started my own cupcake business, so picking one favorite is h-a-r-d!! Hmm, ok I had one in CA one time at a place called “Kara’s Cupcakes” and it was so yummy…chocolate cupcake with caramel in the center and salt in the middle..I’ve still not created my own version of that one, but need to :)

    kara beth :)

  40. I love this giveaway! Recently I realized that it is essential to have the right equipment in order to make a great cupcake, so I purchased giant decorating tips and a tip to fill and properly frost cupcakes! Since then I have made copies of Twinkie cupcakes and others. Also have been experimenting and making cupcakes for the kids at church. They loved the Chocolate Peanut Butter Butter Cream cupcakes (my new recipe) but I think the best one I have made was a Toasted Marshmallow Caramel cupcake!

  41. I was already a fan a facebook and did the other 2 things you said you would like us to do!
    Congrats on getting your new name out there!

  42. thanks so much for the chance to babble about cupcakes, which I can for days and days but the best I ever ate… My grandmothers.. they were called Orange Blossoms and they were only made for weddings and graduations and special events in our lives…

  43. You make awesome cakes! =D Best cupcake i ever ate…. Banana Cupcakes with Cream cheese frosting, it was simple yet so GREAT!!

  44. So far the best cupcake that i had tasted was the red velvet of Mikayla’s Cupcakes. Amazing!!!
    Moist cupcake with a hint of chocolate. Thanks!!

  45. I can’t pick just ONE cupcake because they’re ALL good!!!! We have a woman who owns a cupcake business in our office and she brings in all kinds TOO REGULARLY!!! LOL!!

  46. I’ve tasted only a few different cupcakes because sadly I’m a yellow cake/choc frosting kinda gal. I did try a Smores cupcake and it was really good! Oh and a Red Velvet with just buttercream and that actually was to die for but I’m still partial to plain yellow/choc. Awesome giveaway that you’re having!

  47. This is going to sound so strange but the best cupcake I have ever had was an apple blue cheese cupcake. It was awesome and I haven’t found anyone local who has made any of these. I got this one in Los Angeles. I don’t remember the name of the bakery because I would order some for shipping.

  48. Great contest, sadly I am not entering as I am from Candada….:( I totally love the blue cake stand. Please tell me what store you got that at.

  49. I liked your FB page and the restaurant’s page…..I LOVE all things cupcake and this giveaway is just one of the most awesome!!!! I think my favorite cupcake of all time would have to be a Red Velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing……can’t ya just see them sitting on that dish??
    They are so yummy!!!! Would love to win but if I don’t….thanks anyway for having such a great giveaway and congrats on getting all your likes back after changing your name!!!

  50. Yippee!! The best cupcake I’ve ever had was a triple-chocolate espresso w/ mocha buttercream. I modified the recipe from someone else’s. D-lish! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  51. THis is a awesome giveaway! I have already liked your page under my business name Fluffybutt Cookies, and possibly under my name too! All of the cupcake items are so cute! Hmm, the best cupcake I’ve ever eaten was actually one I made myself. It was a Oreo cupcake with fluffy white frosting. The amount of sugar in the batter and the sugar in the Oreos created a sticky crunch texture to the top and it was oh so good!

  52. The best cupcake I have ever had would be a coconut cream cupcake! I made these for my Dad’s 70th birthday! ( and Happy Birthday!) My son’s birthday is also on Tuesday– he is my baby and will turn 13! Lucky 13!!

  53. My favorite cupcake to make is coconut. The recipe I use has coconut in the cake itself and in the frosting – it’s a coconut overload and so light, fluffy and delicious. Oh wow, just thinking about it makes me want to bake another batch! Yum. Thanks for this giveaway – it’s awesome.

  54. What an awesome and exciting give-a-way!!! My favorite cupcake of all time was one that I made for a ladies retreat last fall. It was an Almond Joy Cupcake topped with toasted coconut and minced almonds. Yummy!!!

  55. Just found you today via post from “The Cookie Cutters”. Now I’m a big fan! I “like” you on FB, I also “like” the Mount Pleasant Grille and my favorite cupcake are the ones I made today – triple chocolate with chocolate cream cheese icing – YUMMY!

  56. I am a facebook fan, I liked Mt Pleasant Grille, and I shared the giveaway on FB. I love this giveaway! Adorable stuff! My favorite cupcake so far was one I made for my neice for getting her driver’s license. It was chocolate with a Nutella mousse filling and Nutella buttercream. She shares my obsession with Nutella! Yummy!!

  57. Liked you on facebook – check
    Shared the giveaway – check check
    Liked Mt. Pleasant Grille – check check yum!
    HI-HAT CUPCAKES ARE AMAZING! :) I got my family and work peeps hooked on them!

  58. Just did all 3 things as you requested :) Liked you on facebook, shared your giveaway on my page, and liked the Mt. Pleasant Grille..now for my favorite cupcake…..my favorite cupcake that I’ve ever eaten was a Key Lime Pie cupcake..scrumptious!!! Glad to know that someone else’s hands shake when they decorate..mine do too!!! Drives me nuts!!! Your work is beautiful..thank you for doing the giveaway. Someone is going to get some very cute stuff. God Bless!!

  59. Wow. That’s a tough one as I’ve been more of a cookie person than a cupcake person but I do have a friend who made the most fabulous chocolate cupcakes for my 50th birthday. Those take the prize for me hands down!

  60. Hi, amazing giveaway:) the best cupcake I have ever eaten is a red velvet with cream cheese frosting with rasberry mousse filling and pecan pieces on top made by me;) is super yummy!


  62. oops, i replied on your page, lol…best cupcake is a toss up between chocolate with a melted marshmallow on top, and a lemon cupcake with raspberry buttercream. these prizes are adorable!

  63. Im not so sure when I will be traveling down to Tennessee (Im in Michigan), but I do have friends that live in TN, so I will definately pass it along. I did like their page. Love getting the word out about new and/or local businesses.

    I have experimented with various recipes. But I one I enjoyed the most, as well as my family, would be Banana Split cupcake. Simple and Sweet. Banana flavored mix, Icing, drizzles with melted bakers chocolate, and a cherry on top. Nuts are optional. But just like at an ice cream shoppe, there are mainy ways to change up the recipe to your liking. We have used both french vanilla butter cream, or simply use Cool Whip.

    By the way, all the cupcake items are adorable! I just recently made a bunch of cupcake cookies for an order, and they are just so fun to decorate. I recently started a small business out of my home, and am so excited about orders coming in! Its nice to keep in touch with other bakers for tips, ideas, etc.

  64. Well, there are 2 cupcakes I just experimented with for Valentine’s Day and both were a hit. A cinnamon Red Hot cupcake and a Chocolate covered cherry cupcake.
    Great giveaway, by the way !! Thanks !!

  65. The best cupcake I’ve ever eaten was a sour cream chocolate cake with a peanut butter filling and a peanut butter chocolate ganache topping from one of my chef friends. Amaaazing!! And wow, what an incredible giveaway! My son will be born on your birthday (which happens to be Mardi Gras! Woohoo!). Crazy!

  66. The best cupcake I ever had was one I ate after running a marathon! It was a white cake with a marshmallowy-texture frosting. It was SO GOOD I remember it like it was yesterday. (Or was I just starving!????)

  67. Congrats on getting your numbers back up. I hope this change brings more great things your way. Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome giveaway. Good Luck everyone. Happy Early Birthday to you. Thanks.


  68. I have liked your FBK page and Mt PLeasant Grille’s FBK page. I also shared your giveway on my page. My favorite cupcake is a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter marshmallow swirl buttercream. (I happen to make it, but I’d LOVE anyone’s version. LOL) Thank you for the sweet giveaway!!

  69. Congratulations! I had the most wonderful chocolate peanut butter, and pretzel cupcake once from a local bakery! I tried to replicate it and it wasnt as delicious! lol

    Jamie (Fresh Baked)

  70. My favorite cupcake EVER was a wonderful German chocolate cupcake sold at a little bakery in the town I used to live in. It was AMAZING!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! :)

  71. I “liked” and shared! Love your cookies and cakes!! My all time fav cupcake is Dr. Pepper Chocolate filled and frosted with Marshmallow frosting. Yum!! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  72. I would love to win this for my daughter’s cupcake themed 1st birthday in March!! We are on a budget and it would be a blessing :) Strawberry cupcake from Joe’s Italian :)

  73. I liked and shared on my Facebook page! What a great giveaway! The best cupcake…wow..that is hard….I had a great salted caramel cupcake that a friend makes!

  74. Th ebest cupcake I ever ate was a orange chiffon cupcake. It was moist and lite and so good. Thanks for the great site and giveaway.

  75. What if I live outside of the US but have a US address??? :D I would LOVE to enter… My daughter and I are just floored by this giveaway! You’re awesome!

    The best cupcake I ever ate was one my friend Lindsay made for her uncle’s birthday… It wasn’t anything fancy… Just a chocolate cupcake she found on google and a very basic old fashioned chocolate butter cream. You know when something old is just perfect and doesn’t need to be messed with? That was this cupcake! It was so simple and so good! Too bad she doesn’t save pages or remember where she found them both because I am yet to have a chocolate cupcake as down right satisfying and delicious as those were… Not even in a fancy cupcakery! Three cheers for good old fashioned recipes!

  76. Love your Cupcake idea…. The best upcake that I had ever had was a beautiful red cupcake with a fluffy frosting and princess crown sitting on the top! I was about 8 yrs old at the time! Nothing tasted quite so good. I am hoping to create this feeling for my granddaughter!!

  77. Done x 3! :) One of my fav is the ‘Dark & Twisted’… dark chocolate cake filled with caramel, topped with caramel frosting and rimmed with crushed pretzels, topped off with a chocolate dipped twisted pretzel!

  78. The best cupcake ever was a homemade devils food cupcake with candy corn stuffed in the middle (after baking)….topped with homemade chocolate ganache!

  79. The best cupcake I ever ate was the vanilla recipe from the “Cupcake Diaries” book, from the sisters of Georgetown Cupcake.

  80. Wow what a fantastic giveaway!! Thank you so very much! Last year I made banana split cupcakes and they were delicious…:)

  81. What a great giveaway! I’m so happy that I found you on Facebook! Let’s see I have a few favorites in the cupcake category… I made a s’more cupcake once, it was my first attempt at a filled cupcake. I made a graham cracker crust on the bottom, but also mixed graham crackers into vanilla cupcake. Then I made a simple chocolate ganache and filled then an topped them with a toastedmarshmallow meringue.

  82. This is a great give away and I love your sight! :) The best cupcake I have ever had is chocolate with peanut butter frosting!! Yummy. I’m making them tomorrow for my father-in-laws birthday.

  83. When I was little, my mom and I used to make chocolate cupcakes with creme filling, looking back, that was the best EVER cupcake, and the best of times..

  84. I have to be honest, I have a huge sweet tooth, so I pretty much love all things creamy – especially with cream cheese icing and filling! My favorite story with cupcakes is when my son was about 2 years old. He was not allowed to eat sweets yet. At a bridal shower I dragged him to, I suddenly found him eating multiple chocolate cupcakes. He thought he was eating very delicious muffins!

  85. The BEST cupcake I’ve ever had would be the Kristen……. a chocolate cupcake with whipped ganache filling and chocolate fudge frosting with shaved chocolate on top (=

  86. I’m a sucker for earthy spices. Best cupcake I have ever eaten is a carrot spice cupcake. Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, brown sugar, allspice, coconut, walnuts/pecans and shredded carrots all topped with a delicious spiced cream cheese icing? Yeah, heaven. <3

  87. The (Bestest) best cupcake to date is my devils food chocolate cupcake with cream filling, covered with peanut butter frosting.. to die for..yum.

  88. Thanks for the contest!! The best cupcake I have ever had was my gandmothers homemade cooked chocolate icing on homemade chocolate cake! YUM..I have tried and tried and cant get the icing the same =(

  89. Awesome giveaway treat! Thx :@)
    Fav cupcake is pumpkin w/ cream cheese icing. Just love the smell of all the spices in the oven and the blast of all these flavors as u eat um. Yummy!

  90. Just checking out  your  post  on my  brand new  Google Phone , and I wanted to see  if it would let  me  reply or if it made  me go to a  full pc to do that.  Ill check back later to see if it worked.

  91. What an incredible giveaway! And incredible work :)

    My favorite cupcake I have ever had was a chocolate cupcake, filled with chocolate pudding and topped with vanilla buttercream! Incredible!

  92. The best cupcake I had was one my friend Camille Hughes made for my baby shower inmay 2011. It was vanilla/chocolate swirl cake with homemade vanilla frosting, decorated with the monkey/jungle theme of my party!! Great cupcakes, great friends and family too!! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  93. The beat cupcake I’ve ever had was made by my very good friend, Tania. Vanilla bean cupcake with caramel swiss meringue butter cream and home made caramel drizzled on top. It was heavenly!

  94. Hi there! i did all 3 things you asked! and just wanted to let you know the best cupcake ive ever tasted was on Marthas Vineyard, was a Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake and it was to die for, very sweet but also zesty and tangy. the perfect combo!!! :)

  95. Best cupcake is Red Velvet. Great giveaway. My grand daughter’s 3rd birthday is in April and having the “cupcake” theme so would love to win!

  96. Thanks for the giveaway! I shared and liked!:) The best cupcake I made and ate was a chocolate with peanut butter frosting with peanut butter cup pieces on the top!

  97. The best cupcake I’ve eaten is probably my banana with chocolate cream cheese frosting. The cupcake has bananas it that haven’t been smashed to smithereens, so you can actually see and taste them, and chocolate cream cheese frosting??? How can you go wrong with chocolate cream cheese??

  98. The best cupcake I’ve ever had was homemade carrot cake with cream cheese icing. None of that store bought stuff. It has to be homemade. I would love to win this and share it with my grandkids. They love to come over and help make cookies and candy.

  99. Thank you for the giveaway! Liked and shared already. The best cupcake I ever had is the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting from my hometown Manila, Philippines. And when the for a vacation, I will surely visit that bakeshop again =)

  100. The best cupcake I’ve ever eaten was a devil’s food cupcake that my Gramma used to make. She’s gone now, but I have her cookbook with the recipe, it was a school fundraiser cookbook written in 1951.

  101. Thanks for a giveaway!The best cupcake I ever had was a vanilla cupcake topped with chocolate/caramel Buttercream icing.

  102. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and love your giveaway, more so I love that you hand picked it all and it is glorious! the best cupcake I have ever eaten was made by myself and my daughter in an attempt to make a chocolate cupcake with no eggs! It turned out so well that we developed a mix recipe for our customers and friends … I would be happy to share the recipe with your winner! I am in the USA and would love to enter the contest for my daughter (she is 27 haha) I “liked” you on all three of my blogs and liked your pals restaurant (that too looks fab) Oh yes and please contact me if you would like me to donate something for one of your giveaways ;o) Thanks again Lyns

  103. The best cupcake I’ve ever had was a salted caramel mocha cupcake. PIck me for the giveaway. I want that cute pink cake stand SOOOO bad. Where did you get it since I probably won’t win and will have to buy it?

  104. The best cupcake I’ve had has been a double chocolate chocolate chip cupcake filled with chocolate pudding and iced with chocolate buttercream icing. Can you tell I love chocolate? Lol

  105. omg!!! adorable giveaway!!! the best cupcake I have had is my daughter’s S’more cupcake. It is CHOCOLATE w/ homemade marshmallow frosting (lightly toasted) topped with a piece of graham cracker & a small block of chocolate. Oh so yummy!!!!

  106. I already like you, just liked the grille and just shared on my fb page. The best cupcake I ever had was a box mix but it was made by my daughter all by herself, (with a little oven help from hubby) the taste of love in that cupcake is unmatched! You’ll have to tell us where you did your shopping for this giveaway, I love both stands, adorable!

  107. This is easy! There is a little town, not too far from home, called Sparta. There was a very tiny, vintage bakery, and the sweets there were tooo cute! The cupcakes were darling! The taste was unforgettable! Moist, dark red velvet! Yummy! The buttercream frosting was more than perfect! The presentation was not fancy, and no over-ornamentation, but….I think that you could consider the frosting style as Shabby Chic! I have tried to replicate these darlings…I come close….ONE DAY!

  108. The best cupcake I have eaten was a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter icing. I am looking forward to trying some yummy different flavors at a cupcake place in Canton one of these days.

  109. Love the giveaway items!!! Okay, the best cupcake I ever ate was one I made actually. I made it for my fiance for his birthday. He loves german chocolate cake so I did my rendition of one in cupcake form. I called it an inside out german chocolate cupcake. I used german chocolate cake mix (in old family recipe) and then filled it with the typical german cake topping. I topped the cupcakes with a homemade whipped ganache and toasted coconut. YUMMIEST! They were a HUGE hit!

  110. Thanks for doing such a cute, awesome giveaway! The best cupcake I’ve ever had is a Margharita cupcake that I made with a couple friends. Loads of fun!

  111. This is an amazing giveaway opportunity! Thank you so much for doing this for everyone. I was turned onto your blog by Chocolate, Chocolate, and more Chocolate. I now like your facebook page, Mt. Pleasant Grille (whos food looks delicious) and shared the giveaway on my tumblr account!

    My favorite cupcake is a toss up between a Lemon Drop cupcake that I got to try for the first time at an internship over the summer (the lemon curd is heavenly), and a classic chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting that my mom used to make for us growing up!

    I am a cupcake fanatic!

  112. What a great giveaway. The best cupcake I have ever had is one that I have made from
    Bake Me I’m Yours… Cupcake Love by Zoe Clark Book I made some for the first time 12 cupcakes I had to give some away as couldn’t stop eating them. My friends who received them said they were lovely too.

  113. The best cupcake I ever had was when I used my grandmothers recipe for German Chocolate Cake and made cupcakes. There is nothing better than good old fashioned recipes that have been handed down, they stand the test of time.

  114. What a super cute giveaway, LOVE IT!! I am a lemon freak and the best cupcake I ever had was a cupcake filled with lemon curd and topped with lemon butter cream and a lemon drop for a garnish…YUM :)

  115. This has got to be the best giveaway EVER!!!!! Holy smokes!

    I am a follower on FB (Making Memories With Your Kids).
    I liked the Mt. Pleasant Grille (and told them you sent me over)
    Tweeted your post!
    And my favorite cupcake of all time??? I had a Snickers cupcake awhile back that had caramel and nougat filling and chopped Snickers on the top. It was to die for!!!

    My fingers are crossed!!!!

  116. There is a place in California called “Cups”. They have a Creme Brulee cupcake that is the bees knees. I love that place! Every time I visit family, it is a must stop!

  117. Wow, can anyone really pick one Favorite Cupcake :-) I LOVE CAKE in all shapes , sizes and flavor but if I had to search my mind for the BEST one I would have to say…….The first cupcake I made as a child in my easy bake oven. It was vanilla and it was the cupcake that sparked my Love affair with all things CAKE! Have a Blessed Day and your Blog is awsome.

  118. The best cupcake I’ve ever had was a carrot cake cupcake with THE most delicious cream cheese frosting and it had coarsely ground candied walnuts sprinkled on the top. The cupcake was SO moist, the frosting was so rich and the nuts just put it over the top! It makes me want to try to recreate it…till now, I hadn’t thought about that cupcake in over 10 yrs. Now I know I have to try to recreate it!! I hope it wasn’t a once in a lifetime fluke:) (I’d made them for a boyfriend who liked carrot cake.)
    BTW…I did the other items on the list. I hope I win…My daughter is having her 3rd baby and yesterday I started referring to it as “Cupcake” instead of “it” so this would be perfect!!!

  119. The best cupcake I have ever had was a super yummy “Hot Chocolate Cupcake with Peppermint Buttercream Frosting” that I made for my family for Christmas this year. It was the first time I had made a cupcake from scratch and BOY! It was totally worth the extra effort.

    Thanks for the great giveaway. I liked you and Mt.Pleasant Grill and posted it on my facebook page.

    My almost two year old is having a cupcake birthday this year, so these would be perfect to fit with the theme! Thanks!

  120. Wow, fabulous giveaway you’ve got here! The best cupcake I’ve ever eaten was a Carrot Cake cupcake with Cream Cheese frosting at Wilderness Lodge Resort (Roaring Forks Cafe) at Disney World. They are YUMMY!

  121. i am going to die because of all the cuteness!! this is some awesome loot!! i can never find this much cute cupcake stuff at any store i visit :( great giveaway!!

    ps. i like you on facebook!

    jpinnick86 at gmail dot com

  122. DANG! I thought each point was an entry, i apologize, feel free to delete those comments. this will be my entry :) i did all three things and my favorite cupcake i’ve eaten was… a champagne cupcake that i made for new years eve. it was pretty tasty :)

    jpinnick86 at gmail dot com

  123. mission accomplished… and now i am hungry after seeing all the great cupcake ideas. my fave cupcake was a pineapple upside down cupcake, soooo moist!

  124. I had a great cupcake just yesterday! I was “Champagne” flavored cake and icing with the tiny pearls sprinkled on. Very, very yummy! I love how creative everyone has gotten with their cupcakes now. I also bought a Kentucky Bourbon one to taste today. Bourbon cake with ganache and carmel drizzled on top!

  125. This is awesome to see others give back. That’s always something my grandmother taught me. For over 30 years, her recipe never changed. Homemade butter cake with handmade carmel frosting. We would sift the flour, add fresh eggs from the chicken house, fresh butter,.pure vanilla, fresh milk and some secret ingredients. She always stirred with a wooden spoon… As the cupcakes were baking, while I would lick the bowl clean, as she started on the carmel frosting. As we would frost the cupcakes, she told me every time, the most important ingredients… Is adding a little love and tender heart!!! That baking came from the heart!!!

  126. I have done all that you requested…….and my favorite cupcake has to be true deep chocolate with a chocolate cream center and a cooked vanilla bean frosting swirl….make them for valentines’s day!

  127. This is such a great giveaway! Trying to think of the BEST cupcake I’ve ever had in 51 yrs here on this planet. It may not have been the best, but it was the most recent one. Someone at work made a huge batch of cupcakes for Valentine’s Day this past week. It was a nice plain vanilla cupcake that had the sweetest Strawberry flavored frosting with pink sugar sprinkled on it. The best thing about it was the generosity of this person who made so many, they gave the rest to whomever wanted them.

  128. Fabulous giveaway! And how great to celebrate your birthday on Mardi Gras! Best cupcake I ever ate??? Hmmm …. Don’t know if it’s the best, but I miss it: the yellow cupcakes with fudge frosting that Entenmann’s used to produce every Hallowe’en. Haven’t seen them in years ….

  129. The best cupcake I’ve ever had was homemade carrot cake with cream cheese icing. None of that store bought stuff. It has to be homemade. I would love to win this and share it with my grandkids. They love to come over and help make cookies and candy.

  130. The best cupcake I ever had would be a tie between raspberry Chardoney or French toast, both from Cake Pops in Springfield. Amazing!

  131. Thw best CC I have ever had was a very moist coconut cake with italian cream frosting! I love all your giveaway items! Especially the cake stand!

  132. Best cupcake I have ever had was from CakeFetish here in Albuquerque, Boston Cream Pie, yellow cake with cream filling and buttercream chocolate icing. Hmmm, wonder if they are open today? lol

  133. I’ve never met a cupcake I didn’t like, LOL. My favorite, however, has to be the lemon blueberry cupcakes with lemon cream butter cream I made last summer. They were truly AMAZING!!

  134. I’m in Canada so can’t participate in the giveaway but I did “like” your Facebook page because what’s not to like!! :) I did recommend your page to a friend that’s in Nashville as well!

  135. Best cupcakes I ever made were from a chocolate pudding cake mix with a whipped cream icing.
    Congrats on all your likes. I like you and your friend and i have shared.

  136. What a fantastic giveaway!! I had already liked your page, but I made sure my business page CC’s Sweet Treats liked your page as well and I liked the Mt. Pleasant Grille from both my pages as well as shared the link for the giveaway on both pages :)

    My favorite cupcake so far as been a smooth devil’s food cupcake with a mint ganache filling and a mint cream cheese frosting. OMG it was a fun new creation we tried and it was amazing!!

    I hope you have a fantastic birthday :) Hugs from CC’s Sweet Treats!

  137. Love your give-away – liked them all! Wish I was in Nashville to try the Mt. Pleasant Grill, looks good. As for a favorite cupcake… hmm… Key lime with key lime buttercream? Vanilla with cinnamon red-hot buttercream? Chocolate fudge with fudge buttercream and salted caramel filling…I think I love them all!

  138. I was so excited when I found your page…My daughter is getting married in the summer and I am very busy collecting cupcake ideas and stands for the shower and the wedding…I would be overjoyed beyond belief if I was the lucky winner..For Valentine’s day I made strawberry mini cupcakes and used them in a strawberry trifle…It was delicious…Looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day to bake lovely green cupcakes…Can’t wait…Happy Baking!!!!

  139. I love cupcakes, I am a stay at home at mom and I love to bake!! I have started decorating cakes and enjoy it but my favorite is the baking and creating new cupcakes. I have a new favorite (as of yesterday, so who knows, I may have a new one tomorrow) This one is also my husbands favorite. I baked lemon cupcakes and added 2x the amount of lemon flavoring that it called for, then after they cooled I dipped the tops in a lemoncello liquor glaze and let that set up. I topped them with some Strawberry Cream Cheese Icing with diced up fresh strawberries, then on top of that I dipped a Fresh Strawberry in the lemoncello liquor then rolled in white sugar (not powdered). I loved the contrast of the sweet berries and the sour lemon along with the sweet-savory Cream Cheese icing. YUMMY!!!

  140. For the give away.
    The best cupcake I have ever had was a blueberry filled lemon cupcake my grandmother made. It was amazing. When I make them to this day with my children, it makes me think of her and the love and joy she brought us with her baking.

  141. The best cupcake I have had was chocolate cake with a whipped strawberry cream cheese icing with cute little red sprinkles!!!

  142. the best cupcake I have had was one my husband got me — for breakfast mind you — while we were in NYC celebrating my 40th birthday. It was a gingerbread cupcake with the most delicious butter and cream cheese combine frosting. It was amazing — and was a great way to start off my birthday!

  143. Oh my! How can you pick just one favorite cupcake?
    I haven’t made very many different flavors yet, but, trying to do more.
    So far my favorite is a chocolate fudge cupcake with vanilla buttercream icing then dipped in crushed oreos.
    Thanks for having this giveaway!

  144. It’s wonderful that you are giving away all of this stuff! The best cupcake I ever made was one my twin sister, Holly Cox, made! She makes cakes and for some reason, they taste SOOOO good! She is a natural at it……I, on the other hand, didn’t get that ‘natural’ gene! LOL! Thanks!!!!! Good Luck to me!

  145. I have liked your facebook page and liked the MT. Pleasant Grille and LOVE your giveaway items!! My favorite cupcake is Chocolate Mousse Chocolate chip with vanilla cream frosting. I have liked you from my business page (Dishie Bows and Such By Trish) and from my personal page…posted it on my walls…hope that helps. Thanks for having such an amazing giveaway. :) <3

  146. I have liked your facebook page and liked the MT. Pleasant Grille and LOVE your giveaway items!! from cakescarlaboutique Facebook –My favorite cupcake is Creme Brulee cupcake mmm !! >i have you on my Facebook page favorites thanks for your great work .!! good luck :)

  147. WOW, this is the best giveaway! by far!! And I am so excited to get the chance to enter. I have to admit I am a cupcake lover and for me to say that I have one favorite would be a lie. So I am screaming from the top of my house, I love ALL cupcakes!!!! LOL

  148. GREAT giveaway! Who doesn’t love cupcakes?!? It’s hard to narrow-down favorites…I really LOVE all FILLED cupcakes. My favorite might be Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes, with a gooey ball of dough in the middle and brown sugar frosting piled on top!

  149. The best cupcake I ever ate came from Nom Noms Bakery in Pigeon Forge, TN. I had one with yummy carmel in the middle!!! YUM! Thank you for doing give-a-way!

  150. The best cupcake I’ve ever eaten was actually a batch that I made a few months ago. My 4 year old requested that she wanted some cupcakes stuffed with squishy stuff lol…so I pulled out a couple of recipes and went at it. I ended up with 24 fluffy, moist, devils food chocolate nutella and cream filled cupcakes. They were so good I literally made myself sick eating them. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe I ate 6 of them when they came out of the oven. They were delish!
    Thank you for this awesome giveaway! Hope you share some recipes with me!

  151. I love your new name. I have been taking cake classes and bought a book to start working on cupcakes the good pretty way. My best memories (since I have yet to perfect them like I want! They taste good but want them to look good as well) is going to Gigi’s Cupcakes in Huntsville AL watching my boys enjoy every bite of their cupcakes. Mine was good as well I had the Kentucky Bourbon one and it was good down to the very last bite!!!!! Thanks for doing this drawing I love everything about it. The theme fits my way of thinking I love the Whimsy of it all!!!!!! :)

  152. My favorite cupcake that I’ve had, probably because it was the most interesting, was Banana Split from Georgetown. Yumm. Banana cake with a light frosting and nuts, it was great!

  153. It is hard to narrow my favorite down, but I think I will have to choose chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter centers with peanut butter icing. My daughter likes it when I put a couple chocolate chips on the top in place of sprinkles.

  154. Hey Shaky Baker – we’ve met through Karen’s Cookiers R Us. Congrats on a great transition to the new name. We already liked ya, but also liked the Tennessee restaurant, and posted your giveaway both on our FB page and our NEW website!!! Yay for you!

  155. I hate to say this, but it was out of the box mix where it has the inside filling. My son and I made the batch together and while he kind of threw his together and I spent my time making them look perfect. His ended up being beautiful and mine where oozing out everywhere. But you really can’t go wrong with yellow cake and chocolate. Happy Early Birthday!!!

  156. What an amazing giveaway! So would love to know where you found the measure spoons and cake stand, love them! I think my favorite cupcake would have to be cherry coke float. I recently have mastered the icing and let me tell you its amazing! My husband and I are on a no soda in the house kick so its the best way to sneak it in lol. Happy Baking yall! xx

  157. I have never seen a give away with such cute things! I would be ecstatic to win this! The best cupcake I have ever had (so far) was an Amaretto, Chocolate chip cupcake that one of my best friends made! Mmmm I can taste it now!

  158. DId all steps! I would love to win this prize pack, my twins are turning 4 next month and I would soooo love to use the cake stands as props. We are doing a Candy Land theme, it’s going to be so much fun. The best cupcake would be ones I made for my 11 year old for her birthday that I took to her class at school. Not only were they yummy but I tye dyed them, then made Peace signs on each one of them with Jelly Belly’s. I have had so many parents from her class come up to me where I bought them from, when I tell them I made them they are very impressed and say their kids said they were the best cupcakes ever.

  159. The BEST cupcake I have ever eaten would have to be, hands down, my Creamy Caramel Cupcake, everything from scratch… The cupcake itself has a very fluffy but dense texture with a creamy buttery flavor with hints of salty dark brown sugar, made with a creamy caramel buttercream icing then drizzled with homemade caramel sauce. The entire recipe has been tweeked to make the perfect cupcake & as soon as they are made, they are gone!! They sell out very quickly. I decorate them with pretty white bows with a pretty rhinestone in the middle, not only do they look gourgeous but they taste AMAZINGGGGG!!!!

  160. Liked, Shared, and Liked! I love the cupcake stand. I saw them at Hobby Lobby and wanted one so bad but my hubby said “NO!” :( Maybe this will be my chance to get one!

    Best cupcake ever was a deep dark hershey’s chocolate cupcake. No frosting, just plain like that…or maybe it was a soft and fluffy pumpkin cupcake baked with a dollop of nutella inside. So hard to choose!

  161. The best cupcake I’ve ever eatin was a raspberry filled vanilla flavored cupcake… with raspberry cream cheese icing! YUMMY! I had already liked you and been following for a while…. thanks for a great giveaway!!!

  162. The best cupcake I’ve ever eaten was one I made from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen’s blog, Chocolate Covered Cherry Cupcakes. The cherry buttercream is amazing!

  163. Thanks for the great giveaway!!!!! I found and liked your page last week and I just love it!!!!
    The best cupcake I ever tasted was a snickerdoodle flavored cupcake and a friends birthday party! It was so yummy!!!

  164. The best cupcake I ever had was when I first tried making a chocolate swiss meringue buttercream frosting – I needed to put it on something and that happened to be homemade chocolate fudge cupcakes – mmmmm! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  165. My favorite cupcake recipe is one I developed for my boys. They are a take on HoHo’s. Devil food cake, cream cheese icing filling, and chocolate ganache on top. My boys are very goofy they named them Super Ho’s! They are so rich and decadent!

  166. LoVe your page and am so excited about your giveaway! My favorite cupcake was a champagne cupcake with champagne and rasberry frosting.

  167. :D so excited about the giveaway. goodluck everyone. So the best cupcake i’ve ever ate was Red Velvet Cheesecake Marbled Cupcakes.and hint of orange flavor.

  168. I LOVE your page, I liked The Mt. Pleasant Grille and I shared the giveaway on my wall. The best cupcake I ever ate was made by my daughter. It was chocolate with cherry butter cream icing.

  169. My favorite cupcake I ever made was a homemade frosting like hostess and a creamy filling…my sons girlfriend makes all kinds of good ones too!

  170. Omg! I love that spatula and the measuring spoons. The best cupcake was this chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting. I LOVE chocolate!

    • all three done:) great name BTW!!!
      the best cupcake I ever ate was some I made for a friend a few years ago.. devils food cake with cherry filling and chocolate whipped cream as frosting!!! YUMMY!!!!!

  171. Done! So awesome of you!! The best cupcake I have ever eaten was chocolate cake filled with salted caramel and frosted with Snickers buttercream then topped with a drizzle of chocolate ganache and caramel sprinkled with roasted peanuts… Pure heaven!

  172. WOW what a great give-a-way :) I would have to pass it all on to MIL however since I’m afraid my baking thumb is BLACK. But it would be put to good use since she does alot of the party baking for events :) So cool!

  173. The best cupcake I’ve ever had was actually a Weight Watchers adapted recipe. It was amazingly chocolate and moist and the best part was that it was only 2 points per cupcake so I had a few lol!!

  174. This is an awesome giveaway! And happy early birthday to you. I would have to say the best cupcake i have eaten was a chcoloate cupcake with vanilla frosting and Oreo pieces on the top of it. My husbands grandma baked them for my birthday. It was absolutely delicious!!

  175. the best cupckes i eaten are my Boogie Down Bronx Chocolate cupcake with a slight salty vanilla filling. to die for. its always people best when I take them to an event. when
    I bake with love I get an out of the heart cuteness……

  176. I would have to say that my most favorite cupcake is EVERY cupcake… LOL. Buuut this little Chinese place near me has some awesome pineapple cupcakes! I would LOVE to try this new cupcake I found at a local bakery, the salted caramel… How Yummy does that sound??? Thanks, XOXO!!

  177. Just did all 3! Hmmm…best cupcake. It’s really hard to pick a favorite. I love baking cupcakes and it’s my dream to have my own shop one day. I’m quite fond of a s’mores cupcake that I made that had a swirl of chocolate and graham cracker cake, topped off with a marshmallow buttercream sprinkled with crushed graham cracker, and a piece of chocolate.

  178. Thank you for this opportunity. I Love Love Love those cupcake stands. My favorite cupcake is the Black Bottom Cupcakes. Blessings to you!

  179. The very best cupcake I’ve ever had was the Coconut Bliss, which was from The Cupcakery in the Monte Carlo hotel and casino in Las Vegas. It was my husband and I’s honeymoon and I can tell you, that was one memory I will NOT forget! Coconut flavoured cupcake, topped with an amazing sweet vanilla icing and covered with sweetened flaked coconut. O. M. G!!!! :D

  180. the best cupcake I’ve ever eaten :) I have an awesome Chocolate Cupcake recipe I got from hiring a private chef to cater a “lesson” at my house. It was a really fun day and we got the recipes and the hands on experience. I bake cakes but this chocolate cupcake is amazing :) the Lemon Chiffon was my 2nd Favorite that day. Outside of that I make a pretty nice Red Velvet as well.. can’t pick just one! LOL

  181. My favorite cupcake is a vanilla cake with buttercream frosting from L&M Bakery in Deran, NJ. sounds boring but is REALLY the best buteery cupcake this side of heaven. I live in NYC and have been known to make the 1 1/2 hour drive for a dozen 😔

  182. The best cupcake I ever had was one of my own. I had a recipe for a Southern Pound cake that I made into cupcakes. Next I made a homemade strawberry filling and topped it off with the best strawbeery buttercream ever!

  183. So I stumbled upon this through facebook, and am really inspired about how not only you are getting support, but you are helping others too….
    But to the point ian hand, my most favorite cupcake, was a chocolate, with peanut butter buttercream, no I didn’t make it,Its probably I good thing for my waistline, that I haven’t attempted it! Lol
    I do bake cakes for fun and profit, but no one has asked for cupcakes……yet!

  184. What a generous give away! I did all requirements :) As for my favorite cupcake, it’s the Chocolate mud pie cupcake with vanilla bean paste frosting! Oh my, I’m salivating already (^_^) Thank you for this awesomeness!!!

  185. Nice Post. I have been working in the food and catering industry for a long time and loves to read on the latest stuff whenever got time. I just came through your blog post and you have nicely outlined about the cupcakes etc. Thanks for writing such a good post and hope you will be posting stuff like this on regular basis as I have subscribed to your blog.

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