Standard Vanilla Buttercream

For my regular vanilla buttercream, I use the Fluffy Buttercream recipe from My Cake School. (This is a crusting buttercream)

I make slight changes to it depending on where the cake is going to be eaten.  If it is just a yummy cake that is going to be eaten that day, I use all butter.  If it is for a July birthday party at the pool, I use all shortening.  Normally, I do a combination of the two, but my climate is pretty humid, so you can adjust accordingly.


Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream


2 lbs. powdered sugar

1 cup (2 sticks) butter softened (soften on countertop rather than microwave for best results)

1 cups solid vegetable shortening

2 Tbsp. clear vanilla extract

1/4 cup milk  (any milk is fine but I like milk with higher fat content.  You could substitute water, too. See **note below)


Cream butter, shortening and extracts until creamy and smooth.

Add powdered sugar and milk.  Mix thoroughly on medium speed for approximately 8 min. until creamy and smooth. (I stop at 4 minutes and scrape the sides of the bowl, then mix again for the remaining 4 minutes).

**You can use water in place of milk.  The milk (because of the higher fat content) allows for a softer crust than water.  It also crusts more slowly than water.  Pool party in July is a good place for water.

**Makes about 6 cups of frosting– you can half it, or freeze the leftovers if you don’t need this much! (One cup of frosting frosts about 12 cupcakes.)

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