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Not how I planned to start Spring Break

So, this is completely not baking related.

At all.

But, another love for me is sports.  Not all sports, mind you.  Just the good ones, like football, basketball and soccer.

With that in mind, it has not been a good sports weekend in my house.  My NCAA men’s college basketball bracket is officially dead.  I picked Missouri and Florida State to go to the championship, and 2 rounds in, they are both gone.  Didn’t they know that they were in my bracket??  I mean, surely that would have been motivation enough to put on a better defensive show in the last 2 minutes, right FLORIDA STATE??

But alas, they obviously missed my memo.

Then, after days and days of hopeful anticipation, we found out that Peyton Manning completely snubbed us and chose to go to Denver.  Really, Peyton?  It’s cold there.  And haven’t you heard their slogan before? MILE HIGH city?  That means it’s really high altitude.  Hard to breath.  Cold.  Messes with baking instructions.  Obviously, he didn’t really think that one through all the way.  And Shoney’s in Tennessee offered him free pancakes FOR LIFE if he became a Tennessee Titan.  I mean, who turns that down?


So, I guess we are doomed to another mediocre year with Hasselbeck.  Sorry, Matt.  You are probably a really nice guy and all, but I’m just keepin’ it real.

I think I need to go bake something.

Thanks for letting me vent.  Hope your week is off to a sweeter start!