The next “big thing”



And the winners are……….

If you are one of the winners, please email me at with your mailing address so I can get these mailed out to you!

I will keep checking my stores for more.  If I find more, I’ll share those, too.  =)

Thank you to everyone who left a comment!  Hope your weekend is sweet!


So, did you know that these are the new rage in cookie decorating?

Thanks to Callye at Sweet SugarBelle they are.

These babies make the best icing bag holders.  The BEST.  And for $1, you can’t beat the price.  (Sorry, Wilton).

Problem is, they seem to be selling out everywhere before bakers can buy them.  But lucky for you guys, I live in a small town where people here don’t know the wonders of the $1 popcycle maker.  So I went down today and cleaned out the shelf.  Bought every one they had.  The cashier thought I’d lost my mind.  If only she knew how right she was.

Now, I need to share them with you.  Want one?

I am going to send 2 packs to four (4) different people.  INTERNATIONAL INCLUDED!!  If you want them, just leave a comment ON THIS POST.  I will randomly select four people to win.  Simple as that.

But ya gotta act fast. I’m going to mail them out this Friday, so I’m only leaving it open until Thursday, May 3rd (yes, tomorrow!) until 9pm CST.  Then I will draw 4 winners and drop them in the mail.  I have to act fast, because you really need these.  Your cookies could depend on it.

Make sure you leave contact information so I can get in touch with you if you win!

Good luck!  And I hope the rest of your week is sweet!

Not how I planned to start Spring Break

So, this is completely not baking related.

At all.

But, another love for me is sports.  Not all sports, mind you.  Just the good ones, like football, basketball and soccer.

With that in mind, it has not been a good sports weekend in my house.  My NCAA men’s college basketball bracket is officially dead.  I picked Missouri and Florida State to go to the championship, and 2 rounds in, they are both gone.  Didn’t they know that they were in my bracket??  I mean, surely that would have been motivation enough to put on a better defensive show in the last 2 minutes, right FLORIDA STATE??

But alas, they obviously missed my memo.

Then, after days and days of hopeful anticipation, we found out that Peyton Manning completely snubbed us and chose to go to Denver.  Really, Peyton?  It’s cold there.  And haven’t you heard their slogan before? MILE HIGH city?  That means it’s really high altitude.  Hard to breath.  Cold.  Messes with baking instructions.  Obviously, he didn’t really think that one through all the way.  And Shoney’s in Tennessee offered him free pancakes FOR LIFE if he became a Tennessee Titan.  I mean, who turns that down?


So, I guess we are doomed to another mediocre year with Hasselbeck.  Sorry, Matt.  You are probably a really nice guy and all, but I’m just keepin’ it real.

I think I need to go bake something.

Thanks for letting me vent.  Hope your week is off to a sweeter start!

I would eat them in a box.

I have always been a huge Dr. Seuss fan.  Especially now that I am a mom of 3 kids.  I have had such joy over the years watching my kids learn to read his books.  And what fun we’ve had with the tongue twisters!

So in honor of his birthday, for my 6yo’s class at school, I made green eggs and ham.

The kind that I would eat.  Chocolate, covered in icing.

Yes, Sam.  I do like them.

I hope you have a Seussy day!


“Thank you for being awesome!” Giveaway


The winner is Kelly!


Thank you so much to everyone!  I appreciate you so much!


I need to start by saying that you guys ROCK!

18 days ago, I changed my name.  I was once the baker formerly known as The Sugar Tree.  But thanks to you all and your wonderful support, I am now whole-heartedly “The Shaky Baker.”  In a little over 2 weeks, you guys have gotten my number back up to where it was when I was The Sugar Tree.  You guys are the best.

So to say “thank you” for your overwhelming support, I’m doing a giveaway.  And since I’ve had 2 weeks to shop for things, it is a cuteness overload, I tell ya.  If you don’t like cute, this ain’t the giveaway for you.

And I went with a cupcake theme.  Not to make them.  But to decorate with them.  Stare at them longingly.  I mean, who doesn’t like to look at cupcakes?

This giveaway will include all of the following:

  • 8-inch cupcake mini cake stand
  • 4-inch “Have a Cupcake” pink cupcake stand
  • Ceramic cupcake measuring spoons
  • “Live, Love, Laugh” mini ceramic vases
  • 9oz bottle Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla (just because it’s yummy)
  • Pink cotton ruffle half apron
  • Cupcake spoon
  • Cupcake with sprinkles spatula
  • Writing set with mini notebook, magnetic list pad and chunky pen
  • 1 1/2 inch and 1/2 inch cupcake ribbon
  • 2 packages of cupcake bags
  • Cupcake notebook
  • Cupcake ziploc baggies
  • Cupcake stamp kit (works great to use with food coloring instead of ink)

It has sprinkles on the back!

Just looking at all this cuteness brings me great joy.

So, who would like me to send them all of this sugary-inspired goodness?


1) Make sure you “like” my Facebook page (if you don’t already)

2) Share this giveaway on your Facebook page, twitter, blog, scream it from your roof…any of those will be great! (probably the first ones more than that last one, though)

3) There is a small restaurant in my area that has been very supportive of me and my baking.  I would like to help them out as they try to grow online.  Please go “like” their Facebook page – The Mt. Pleasant Grille

4) Once you have done those 3 things, come comment ON THIS POST telling me about the best cupcake you’ve ever eaten.  It can be one you’ve made.  Don’t be modest.

That’s it!

One entry per person. US residents only.  (I promise I’ll do an international one soon!)  I’ll keep it open until Monday, February 20th at 5pm CST.  I’ll randomly pick a winner and announce it Monday night.  Tuesday is my birthday, so it will be a great birthday present to be able to send all this fun stuff to someone!

Good luck, and THANK YOU again for all your support.

Hope you have a SWEET 3-day weekend!

It’s all about the children.

I love children.  I have three of them.  I work at the nursery at church on Sunday.  I have taught Sunday school for 5th grade.  I am co-room mom for both of my girls’ classes at school.  I just love kids.

That being said, this week’s project has given me a whole new perspective on them.  I could have 30 of these kids!

And by “have” I mean enjoy them with coffee.  And I don’t mean let them sit and have coffee with me.  I mean have them WITH my coffee.  Literally. (and this picture quickly comes to mind….)

See how happy he looks?  I love making children happy.

This week, I was asked to make cookies for a silent auction fundraiser for my kids’ school.  The item for the 1st grade (my youngest’s age) is a cookie jar with their thumb prints and names on it.  How fun, right?  And a cookie jar needs cookies, so that’s where I come in.

We came up with the idea to do a cookie representation for each kid in the 1st grade.  So I went by their school pictures and made a cookie look like each of them.  It was a blast putting their little personalities on a cookie!

If only all class pictures were this easy to take.

Look at how well behaved they are!

This is one of my daughter’s BFF’s.  Love her little curls!


My daughter is the one with the blue hair bow, in the second-to-the-last row.  I put her towards the back because she is the second shortest in the entire grade, so she is always in the front row.  This is the only way that she gets to stand in the back.  (Yep, my Mother of the Year application has already been filed.)

As is expected with children, this was not the quickest project I’ve ever done.  Lots of colors (12, to be exact) and lots of small details.  (Not everyone parts their hair on the same side, ya know). But I think it was one of my all-time favorite cookie experiences.

My daughter is a little disappointed that she isn’t going to get to eat “her” cookie.  She asked if I would please win the auction so that she could.  “Yes, sweetheart.  I’ll pay lots of money to buy the cookies that I made for free so that you can eat one of them.”

As if.

If you ever need a fun idea for a school cookie project, I highly recommend this one.  Everyone is getting a kick out of seeing their kid as a cookie and trying to figure out who everyone is.  And it will give the teachers an opportunity to see what their class actually looks like quietly standing still.

And that, my friends, is a gift.

Hope the rest of your week is sweet!